Monday, August 1, 2011

Grand Opening!

As of July 30, Cupcakes in Heels' couture bake shop is officially open for business!

The preparation leading up to the Grand Opening was, to say the least, hectic. Jenny and her husband, Wing, were running around trying to get things in order, while the new staff (nicknamed "Jenny's babies") ran around them trying to get into the swing of things.

Considering the many things that went wrong (e.g. the coffee grinder refusing to cooperate and the massive trucks in front of the store), the first two days of the Grand opening went extremely well. Cupcakes in Heels received many customers and I must say all of the customers seemed very impressed and very eager to return.

The delightfully stylish theme attracted many customers. A passerby would be drawn to the cute window display, showcasing a sampling of Jenny's cupcakes that are adorned with feminine touches. And upon entering the store, one will immediately notice the array of cupcakes tastefully laid out.

Each of the cupcakes is fittingly named after designers. For example, Jenny's Chocolate chocolate flavored cupcake is named "The Louis Vuitton." This theme extends to their breakfast menu where the muffins are named after different jewelers (such as the banana muffin is named "The David Yurman".)

Working at Cupcakes in Heels is a great experience and can be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to watching this place grow.

- Heathe

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Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. Great job!