Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Commitment Day

We lost our independence on this day =).

Just want to share a few yummie things at our wedding.

My pink Strawberry Cupcake clutch was made by Judith Leiber. It was a limited edition release, covered in hand glued Austrian crystals. It was a smaller version of the bag Charlotte's daughter, Lily was carrying on Sex and the City movie. The reason why this bag wasn't used was because Carrie's phone couldn't fit so they had to make a bigger version.

Thanks to my girlfriend, Jenn and Judith Leiber for "something borrowed" and of course continuing support of my couture bake shop =).

Wedding 971

We also created the Cupcake Table Seating chart a few hours before the wedding, talk about last minute planning =P. We planned a wedding of 125 in 3 1/2 months thanks to all our great friends & family for the help and support!

Wedding 971

And last but not least, our yummilicious Purple Candy Couture Table which was a big hit at our wedding.

Wedding 469

Happy Anniversary Hubs =).

Independence Day Sweets

French macarons

almond macarons with passion fruit *star* creamy filling

Red Velvet Pump

red velvet cupcake with almond creamy frosting

Happy July 4th!


Amie said...

LOVE the cute purse!

Cupcakes In Heels said...

Thanks Amie!

Deanna said...

These cupcake photos are so beautiful! Love the vivid colors. And the cupcake purse? I want one!

PNYARI said...

now days whenever I stop by any cafe, I always try their red velvet cupcake!xD I didn't find the one that I perfectly love YET but hope I do sooon.....!