Saturday, September 3, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes; Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake

Hello Cupcake buddies. Things on the blog have been a little quiet and we do apologize but things at the shop have been intense with a new cupcake coming out every Monday. Since we last spoke we have revealed the "the Gucci" a delicious peanut butter cupcake that will make your mouth water and beg for some milk (which we sell btw) and this weeks cupcake is the oh so tempting caramel, sinfully named "the Dolce". It's a caramel cake, piped with yummy caramel and then topped with caramel butter cream and then!!!! Ladies and gentlemen topped with a caramel candy. The new cupcakes are selling like crazy and don't worry there will be new flavors arriving every week.

Last weekend was just one notch above crazy. A hurricane in New York, impossible no but improbable yes. Who in the world is ready for a hurricane this part of the country, although my hurricane survival kit would have to be my important documents, water and a pistachio cupcake of course!!! Not to mention that a little before that there was an earthquake. I mean come on what is going on mother nature! Funny story about that day: that night when we were wrapping up Jenny mentions that there was a red velvet cupcake missing and I just had to tell her the truth. During the earthquake it tipped over and fell right into my mouth, hard to believe even harder to swallow. New York City the end of the world might be upon us it might be not, no one knows, you better make sure you get down here and try one of these cupcakes!!!

In other news our Illy coffee imported all the way from the beautiful country of Italy has been doing well everyone is happy to see that such a great coffee has reached Bayside, one of our regulars always comes in and says "I love Illy caffè because it actually tastes like coffee." As the weather starts to gets colder know that we can not only provide you with yummy cupcakes but also with great coffee to warm you up.

Another big thing is the demand we have for our custom cakes and cupcakes. Since we opened we must have made tons. My personal favorite was the Angry Birds cakes we did. I just wanted to put them on a sling shot and shoot them across then room. Another really cool one was the wine bottle cake. It was huge and oh so yummy looking. Upcoming cakes include a 11 year old boy from Brooklyn's dream car - a Lamborghini cake. Another one I'm looking forward to are the little mermaid cupcakes which Jenny has no idea about. Surprise!

Things to look forward this month are ladies night, every Thursday where if you wear any of our designers you are complimented with a free cupcake with any purchase.
Also this month someone will be the second lucky winner of the raffle. Now as you know for every time you come in the store you get stamped and upon the completion of a dozen stamps you receive a free cupcake and get a chance to enter our monthly raffle on the 15th of every month. I've heard rumors that this month might be a whopping dozen cupcakes but don't hold me to it.

Soon we'll post some pictures of our cakes so you can all see what masterpieces Jenny and Wing have cooked up, and remember ladies and gents in these desperate times keep calm and eat a cupcake

Love Martyn