Thursday, August 18, 2011

Third Week is the Charm

It's the third week since our grand opening! We've been so successful that our cupcakes have been selling faster than an end of the season sale on Fifth Avenue, with customers coming in one after the other to try our cupcakes. Rolling out on the red carpet last week was "The Versace", which is a tiramisu cupcake, drizzled with just the right amount of coffee and liquor and topped with a fluffy mascarpone cheese frosting.

This week's red carpet is "The Manolo" which is Jenny's famous coconut cupcakes, exploding with sweet coconut flakes and topped with our signature creamy frosting. Our best selling cupcake is still the red velvet, I mean, who can resist a Louboutin? ;)

Our credit card machine is finally working so there's no need to run across to Rite Aid to get cash!

Last week Jenny & Wing's baby girl, Cupcake celebrated her third birthday with all her fellow doggie friends by giving those who visited her a free pupcake!

Here's the first doggie that walked in, Hi Lola!

My baby boy, Pichu who loved the organic carrot, apple and peanut butter babycakes!

Here's a regular "client" of Waggers, his name is Charlie and he's absolutely beautiful!

And here's another cutie patootie, Brownie!

Also shout out to doggies Krull and Pudge! Here's a picture of Pudge here who is our regular's dog, thanks Marie!

We unveiled three new things this week.
First is our seasonal sale, so when you buy five cupcakes you get one for free!
Second, on the 15th of every month, we will be announcing the winner of the raffle! Take a look at the back of our business cards, after 12 stamps, you will get a FREE cupcake and a chance to enter our monthly raffle! This month's winner is AMANDA S, she wins a free box of 6 cupcakes and 8oz Illy coffee or organic Mighty Leaf tea! Next raffle drawing will be on September 15th to win 1 dozen cupcakes!
Lastly, we are introducing CIH's Ladies night. Every Thursday night from 8-11pm, strut into our couture bake shop with any of our cupcake/muffin designer brand heels, dress, purse, etc. on you and get a FREE cupcake with any purchase! Come and show off your favorite designer goodies tonight! Check out our website for a list of the designers.

Since we opened 3 weeks ago, we had two baby shower consultations, three kids birthday consultations, an anniversary consultation and a wedding consultation. We're scheduled for a christening consultation today and another wedding consultation coming up next week. We're getting so many speciality cupcakes and cakes inquiries that Jenny's trying to respond to everyone at her earliest convenience, she's the only baker so it's a lot on her plate and we're learning how to bake, make the frostings and pipe as soon as possible.

Here's a picture of last week's wedding consultation, Marie & Jesse from New Jersey who decided to book with us for their September wedding!

We featured a few cupcakes, a couple mini cakes and french macarons. They have decided to get red velvet, tres leche, banana, pistachio, chocolate and strawberry for their wedding cake flavors.

Here are some of our beautiful custom speciality cupcakes last week:

Totoro cupcakes

Air Jordan sneaker cupcakes

Hello Kitty cupcakes

and the mac daddy of them all, a 9.5ft long dragon boat cake for this past weekend's 2011 Dragon Boat Festival, congratulations to DCH who is this year's winner despite the pouring rain, their team spirit is admirable!

I'm on my third cupcake since I started work today.. and still counting. Yeah, Jenny's cupcakes are that good.

And btw, just so you know, I have not gained a single pound eating Jenny's all natural cupcakes, they're the perfect size for my cravings!

CIH baby,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

After a long and eventful week, Cup Cakes in Heels or more commonly known as CIH, turns one week old. Unlike Other Jobs where you dread the thought of coming into work, waking up this week was no problem despite the fact that some of us were waking up around 4 in the morning. Which is a big change for myself seeing as that was the time I would get home but that's best left for another blog post. This week seemed to have zoomed by with more cupcakes flying off the shelves as the days past by. Catching the morning rush was quite successful, we even developed a regular, a tall sleek morning commuter on his way to the LIRR, shout out to the Red velvet lover. Hope to see you again this coming week. Also this week the ever so kind people from "Top Shelf Tattoo" have become addicted to our Cupcakes sending their assistant several times a day to soothe their cupcake craving. Also down the block from us are the friendly Pizza guys at VI PIZZA who come in to enjoy our Illy's Espresso shots.

Around the store there was no need for us to "get use to each other".Everyone is so eager to work. We are really building a family and we mean it when we say we are Jenny's babies (and Wing's too!). It must be like our cupcakes which are the combination of the perfect ingredients to create that unique taste; we must be the perfect ingredients to the perfect workplace. Everyone just loves their new job. We always come to visit even though we are not working, we stay over our shifts just to hang out, we are all becoming more than co-workers. I feel like we've been open for years and we are all brothers and sisters. We are all coming up with names for everything. The back area where we bond washing the dishes has been coined "the Dungeon", which might sound like something out of a 70s slasher movie but have no fear it's a cute little area which houses out most important utility The Oven and the sink. My favorite room is the Kitchen, which I sadly spend the least amount of time in, it has been named "Jenny's Lounge" a bit of irony seeing as Jenny is never Lounging but working hard to ensure all of Bayside can enjoy her cupcakes. I'm sure no one will correct me when I say that we ALL love our new Job, Jenny and Wing really make us feel right at home always buying us lunch and best of all FREE CUPCAKES. The highlight of the week was our staff meeting which was actually a little dinner celebration for completing one week of business. As the days go by things just get better and better at CIH

Bayside has really taken a fancy to us, everyone's favorite seems to be Red Velvet out selling her other cupcakes sisters everyday. "The Louboutin" as she is named better not let all this attention go to her head,another popular flavor is "The Prada" our delicious Pistachio which is always right behind Red Velvet at the end of the day. Everyone has developed their favorite, people come in and order six of one kind because they have become addicted. Bayside has been more than warm welcoming with tons of people coming in and wishing us the best. This week has been more than successful, we hope that this week and the ones that follow continue to be as warm and fuzzy. Cupcakes are a delicious treat, but as Jenny says at the end of the day the real treat is knowing that a customer went home satisfied.

Louboutin in a dazzling summer cream cheese frosting.

Some Highlights for this week are:

Cupcake's birthday is on Monday and we are offering Pupcakes to any dog that comes to wish her a Happy Birthday

Monday at 12PM we will be rolling out the Red Carpet and introducing our next exciting flavor "The Versace". Come in to reveal the mystery of the next star in our Cup Cake Lineup.

And Lastly the Deal for buy 4 get 2 free continues on as well as buy one muffin or cupcake and get a free 8oz cup of Illy Coffee, this offer will be only available until Sunday!!

Check back soon for more blog buddies <3


Monday, August 1, 2011

Grand Opening!

As of July 30, Cupcakes in Heels' couture bake shop is officially open for business!

The preparation leading up to the Grand Opening was, to say the least, hectic. Jenny and her husband, Wing, were running around trying to get things in order, while the new staff (nicknamed "Jenny's babies") ran around them trying to get into the swing of things.

Considering the many things that went wrong (e.g. the coffee grinder refusing to cooperate and the massive trucks in front of the store), the first two days of the Grand opening went extremely well. Cupcakes in Heels received many customers and I must say all of the customers seemed very impressed and very eager to return.

The delightfully stylish theme attracted many customers. A passerby would be drawn to the cute window display, showcasing a sampling of Jenny's cupcakes that are adorned with feminine touches. And upon entering the store, one will immediately notice the array of cupcakes tastefully laid out.

Each of the cupcakes is fittingly named after designers. For example, Jenny's Chocolate chocolate flavored cupcake is named "The Louis Vuitton." This theme extends to their breakfast menu where the muffins are named after different jewelers (such as the banana muffin is named "The David Yurman".)

Working at Cupcakes in Heels is a great experience and can be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to watching this place grow.

- Heathe