Thursday, August 18, 2011

Third Week is the Charm

It's the third week since our grand opening! We've been so successful that our cupcakes have been selling faster than an end of the season sale on Fifth Avenue, with customers coming in one after the other to try our cupcakes. Rolling out on the red carpet last week was "The Versace", which is a tiramisu cupcake, drizzled with just the right amount of coffee and liquor and topped with a fluffy mascarpone cheese frosting.

This week's red carpet is "The Manolo" which is Jenny's famous coconut cupcakes, exploding with sweet coconut flakes and topped with our signature creamy frosting. Our best selling cupcake is still the red velvet, I mean, who can resist a Louboutin? ;)

Our credit card machine is finally working so there's no need to run across to Rite Aid to get cash!

Last week Jenny & Wing's baby girl, Cupcake celebrated her third birthday with all her fellow doggie friends by giving those who visited her a free pupcake!

Here's the first doggie that walked in, Hi Lola!

My baby boy, Pichu who loved the organic carrot, apple and peanut butter babycakes!

Here's a regular "client" of Waggers, his name is Charlie and he's absolutely beautiful!

And here's another cutie patootie, Brownie!

Also shout out to doggies Krull and Pudge! Here's a picture of Pudge here who is our regular's dog, thanks Marie!

We unveiled three new things this week.
First is our seasonal sale, so when you buy five cupcakes you get one for free!
Second, on the 15th of every month, we will be announcing the winner of the raffle! Take a look at the back of our business cards, after 12 stamps, you will get a FREE cupcake and a chance to enter our monthly raffle! This month's winner is AMANDA S, she wins a free box of 6 cupcakes and 8oz Illy coffee or organic Mighty Leaf tea! Next raffle drawing will be on September 15th to win 1 dozen cupcakes!
Lastly, we are introducing CIH's Ladies night. Every Thursday night from 8-11pm, strut into our couture bake shop with any of our cupcake/muffin designer brand heels, dress, purse, etc. on you and get a FREE cupcake with any purchase! Come and show off your favorite designer goodies tonight! Check out our website for a list of the designers.

Since we opened 3 weeks ago, we had two baby shower consultations, three kids birthday consultations, an anniversary consultation and a wedding consultation. We're scheduled for a christening consultation today and another wedding consultation coming up next week. We're getting so many speciality cupcakes and cakes inquiries that Jenny's trying to respond to everyone at her earliest convenience, she's the only baker so it's a lot on her plate and we're learning how to bake, make the frostings and pipe as soon as possible.

Here's a picture of last week's wedding consultation, Marie & Jesse from New Jersey who decided to book with us for their September wedding!

We featured a few cupcakes, a couple mini cakes and french macarons. They have decided to get red velvet, tres leche, banana, pistachio, chocolate and strawberry for their wedding cake flavors.

Here are some of our beautiful custom speciality cupcakes last week:

Totoro cupcakes

Air Jordan sneaker cupcakes

Hello Kitty cupcakes

and the mac daddy of them all, a 9.5ft long dragon boat cake for this past weekend's 2011 Dragon Boat Festival, congratulations to DCH who is this year's winner despite the pouring rain, their team spirit is admirable!

I'm on my third cupcake since I started work today.. and still counting. Yeah, Jenny's cupcakes are that good.

And btw, just so you know, I have not gained a single pound eating Jenny's all natural cupcakes, they're the perfect size for my cravings!

CIH baby,

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